Monday, December 28, 2009

Name That Film: Farewell Edition

Yep, that's right folks! Blood-N-Bolts Productions is calling it a wrap. However, we're not done yet! Next Tuesday will be our last edition. It would have been this week, but I'm going on a small get away with my wife and would not be able to moderate the game. Please let everyone you know who has ever enjoyed playing along that they should check back in next Tuesday to play one last time.

Blood and I reserve the right to pull a "Favre" at any time and come out of retirement, but for now, we are through.

I'll give my thanks and appreciation to all next week. Let's go out with a bang!

See you next Tuesday!

By the way, I was able to look back in the archives and find the second edition ever of Name That Film. It was a bit primative back then, not had I made the aquaintance of my pahtna Bloodredsox. Below is the post.
Name That Film - 2
Wednesday, October 8, 2008, 09:17 PM EST [General]

Last week I wrote a post called Name That Film. I had a fun time coming up with movie quotes and challenging you all to figure out what movie they came from. I just love pulling quotes, normally obscure ones, and using them in ordinary conversation. Anyway, I decided to do it again and see if I can get any past bosox61. He got 8 of 10 last time with the other two being filled in by others. Here we go again with this weeks installment. See how many you know. Some are sports films, some are not. I tried hard not to use the most obvious quotes from these movies to make it more challenging. Have fun and good luck!

1. "Hit me Chief, I've got the moves!"
2. "Are you saying Jesus Christ couldn't hit a curve ball?"
3. "Rubbin' is racing."
4. "Rules? Rules in a knife fight?"
5. "This house is clean."
6. "Take her to the zoo."
7. "It's your turn coach."
8. "You're just gonna love Oklahoma."
9. "What is your major malfunction?"
10. "Ty Cobb wanted to play. But we hated the son of a bitch while he was alive, so we told him to stick it!"

Well there you go. Have at it! If you don't know them all, that's okay, answer the ones you do know. I'll chime in tomorrow or the next day with the answers and/or the winner.
Unfortunately, lost all of the comments.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bolt Notes:Week 16 Analysis and NFL Picks

Well, changing my picking style did nothing for changing my luck. Another 10-6 week brought my total through 15 weeks to 142-82. This week I feel pretty strong that I will improve. I'm looking for a 13 win week! The only way I seek another average week is for teams to rest starters, or just not mentally show up for work since they did, or didn't, make the playoffs. For the most part, there are many teams who still have a shot at the playoffs, or a possible bye week, so I expect full effort around the league. Even the Colts who have locked up the number one seed in the AFC have a reason to try...the undefeated season!

Here is my take on the week 16 matchups across the NFL!

buffalo @ ATLANTA

I do not think much of the Bills and they have nothing to play for but the chance to be spoilers. Atlanta has shown that they can play despite being banged up. Atlanta at home make sense to me.

kansas city @ CINCINNATTI

A heart breaking loss last Sunday to my Bolts, followed by a tear jerking funeral of their teammate Chris Henry, is a tough way to go into a game. However, the Chiefs might lose to an average division 1 college football team right now. The Bengals will have little to no problem with KC.

oakland @ CLEVELAND

Another quarterback change for Cleveland, and a quarterback mess for Oakland, makes this game a tough call. I have to go with Cleveland and their new found running game, along with their special teams play. I wouldn't be shocked to see Oakland pull this one out, but I have to go with the Brownies this time.

seattle @ GREEN BAY

Seattle may have earned the title, "worst team in the NFL", after last week's performance. I don't care who they are playing, I can't pick them. It doesn't hurt that they are playing a good team coming off of a heart breaker. Green Bay in a blow out!

BALTIMORE @ pittsburgh

I'm not incredibly confident in this pick. If Pittsburgh was healthy on defense, I would go with the home team. However, I can't see Big Ben having another 500+ yards passing performance this week and he needed every one of those yards to squeek out a win last week. Ravens in a tough battle.

houston @ MIAMI

I rarely get the Houston game right. I struggle with Miami as well! I guess it is because they are rather inconsistant teams. They are the NFL's "box of chocolates". I'm guessing that Matt Shaub will have another good day, in another losing effort. Miami is always close at the end so I will take them at home.

jacksonville @ NEW ENGLAND

I may rethink this game if the Chargers win on Christmas. Right now, the Patriots are fighting to get the number two seed in the AFC. If the Chargers beat the Titans, the Bolts lock up number two. In that case, the Pats may pull back a little and keep some guys healthy. Since they are not the Pats of old, that would be enough to put Jacksonville over the top. Oh well, I have to commit, so I will take New England in a close game.

tampa bay @ NEW ORLEANS

The Saints want the number two seed in the NFC and will not let the lowly Bucs get in their way. They can play without that perfect monkey on their backs as well. Even Mercury Morris is not longer casting spells on them from Miami (you know they might worry about that in New Orleans). Beating the Bucs will be a Brees for New Orleans.

carolina @ NY GIANTS

Giants need every game to hope for a playoff birth. Carolina doesn't have enough to get in their way in New York. Giants by a wide margin.


Detroit has shown the ability to compete, but not the ability to win. The Niners are at least average and should be able to beat the Lions at home. I wouldn't want to be in the post game meeting with Singletary if the Niners lose this one.

st. louis @ ARIZONA

Cards are playing decent, yet inconsistant, football. They should still have enough to beat the Rams. I see Warner having no problem hitting his talented targets all day long. Cards win this home game with ease.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I won't pick against the Colts until they lose, or play the Chargers. Personally, as a Chargers fan, I'm hoping the Colts continue their perfect record into the playoffs. That will add some pressure on them. Who knows, they may even go one and done and never see my Bolts. Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Thinking ahead has killed the Chargers before. For this week, I'll take the Colts to stay perfect.


Philly is hot and trying to catch the Vikings for the number two seed in the NFC. The Broncos are inconsistant and coming off an embarrassing loss to the Raiders. They are still looking good for the playoffs, but it they lose this one, they may fall completely out in week 17. No way that the Broncos offense scores with the Eagles high powered offense right now.

DALLAS @ washington

Until last Monday, I may have picked the Skins in this one. However, the Cowboys looked great last week and the Redskins looked like they were already on vacation and just had their practice squad stand in for the starters. There is not doubt that the caos that is going on in Washington has taken its' toll on the players and coaching staff. The end can't come soon enough for these guys. Cowboys in a blow out.

MINNESOTA @ chicago

Good timing for Mimmesota. They are having power struggles between the coach (Chilly) and the quarterback (The Brett Favre). For some teams that would cause them to lose focus and blow games they should win. However, they are playing against Jay Cutler, the interception machine! No one turns the ball over as consistantly as Chokeler, especially in the redzone. I can't see Adrian, oopps, I mean Brett, and the boys losing this one.

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS @ tennessee titans

This is a tough one for me. I truly believe that if the Chargers come out, focused, and wanting to win, they will outscore the Titans in a fairly high scoring affair. The Chargers have such a well tuned passing game that the "generous" Titans pass defense could not keep the Bolts out of the endzone. Also, the Titans just lost two starting linebackers, including Bullick, their leader, so the running game may perk up as well. Of course, that does not mean that the Titans won't have their strong drives when they have the ball. The Chargers don't defend the run that well and Chris Johnson is just going nuts! Over 1700 yards on the ground thus far for Johnson! The Titans average over 160 yard per game on the ground. Also, since Vince Young took over the helm, the Titans are 7-1 and he is performing at a level not seen since his days in Texas.

Then there is plan B. Plan B would be to sit the Chargers best players this week to perserve their health. Two years ago, the Titans and Chargers played each other in a blood bath. The Chargers lost several key players including injury prone Shawne Merriman who was chop blocked after leveling Vince Young away from the play. I wouldn't mind seeing the Chargers taking out guys like Rivers, Tomlinson, Gates, Merriman, Castillo, Jackson, Jammer, and Philips. Let them rest and take your chances with their backups. Even center Nick Hardwick would only play half of the game in plan B. He is getting his first playing time since week one. Give him a half and get him out of there! I know that this would look like the Chargers were scared and that would hurt their manhood, but that would be better than losing key player right before the playoffs again.

Another nice part of plan B is that all the Charger would have to do is beat Washington, in San Diego, in week 17 to lock up the number two seed in the AFC. Rest your studs this week, play them next week until the game is locked up. They get another rest for week one of the playoffs and then they should be fresh for their first playoff game. I like it!

As for my prediction....I don't think they will go with plan B. Therefore, I will do the sign of the cross and pray that their are no major injuries.

CHARGERS 31 - titans 23

Enjoy the games and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Name That Film: Christmas Edition!

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”

So this is Christmas? Holly, mistletoe and ivy. Marvel at all the lighted exhibits! Christmas is a federal holiday occurring during the Winter Solstice and tis the season of primordial fruitcake. Give of the gift card! Feel the warmth of celebration as indulgence reaches its peak. Seeing is believing but this ken also be deceiving.

Christmas fare is a delicious combination of harvest feast foods, like turkey, squashes and potatoes; winter festival foods like roasted meats and an array of baked goods that outdoes most any other time of year. Have no fear, many novelty treats mimic other Christmas traditions: the Bûche de Nöel imitates the Yule log, gingerbread houses copy well-trimmed colorful chalets and cookie cutters turn out legions of trees, stars and Santas.

This may well be a time when, to quote Dickens, “want is keenly felt.” Dickens uses this as a basis for the argument for practicing charity and “keeping Christmas in our hearts” on every day of the year with bows from ribbons of various bright colors adding to the cheer. You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.

Though most see Jolly Old England as the source for many modern Christmas traditions, England actually banned celebration of Christmas from 1647-1660 in an effort to free the holiday of what was viewed as its pagan trappings and the excess and corruption of the Roman Catholic Church. Actually many Christmas traditions are based in Germanic pagan rituals predating Christianity. Many, including the little girl from Adventures in Babysitting, consider Thor to be a frontrunner as an early Santa Claus figure. The Christmas tree was once a sacrificial tree to the gods, hung brightly with dead animals. And Heaven and Nature sing!

The Greek and Latin Churches still term Christmas the "Feast of Lights," and make it a period of brilliancy in Church and home, just you watch her sing. Now if we could just involve every state, it would be the holy trifecta. The point being? There's always hope. Ah, youth is wasted on the wrong how to cope? Get into the spirit...

The Protestant cover the Christmas tree with lighted candles and builds a glowing fire on the hearth as the symbolic flame of faith and a tribute to the innate love of light and warmth.

Santa Claus, also known as St. Nick, Kris Kringle and Father Christmas, is known across the globe as a jolly, fat, bearded man sporting a red suit trimmed with white fur. On Christmas Eve Santa Claus enters the home of good children, usually via the chimney, bearing gifts of toys that his elves have been busy making all year long. Parents know Santa Claus as a symbol of the magic and joy of innocence lost and childhood; if not as a distinct bruise to their pocketbooks, though many department stores are refusing to recognize Christmas, and yet have no trouble in accepting our Christmas dollars, and even going so far as to utilizing Holiday or Dream trees instead of "Christmas trees" in their promotions. The western idea of Santa Claus is a combination of the European traditions of Kris Kringle, Father Christmas and the Christian Saint Nicholas. St. Nicholas rid himself of all his material possessions and set out to help the poor, the infirm, or anyone else who was suffering. Word of his generosity and kindness spread and he quickly earned the reputation of a gift giver and saint. The historical St. Nicholas died in December of 335 C.E. As often happens, stories of his good deeds became grander and grander and it is difficult to determine fact from fiction. The history of Christmas, however, is hardly a continuum of shepherds in the snow & pagan winter rituals and may be stranger than fiction and yet, the question still remains...why does a Christmas tree offend our atheist citizens? The Film Edition has yet to hear of an atheist being forcibly converted to Christianity by gazing at a Christmas tree. Do you see what I see?

The Three Kings once traveled to Bethlehem to offer gifts to baby Jesus. Gifts were ostensibly meant to remind people of the magi's offerings to Jesus and of God's gift of Christ to humankind. But despite the rationalized Christian roots of gift-giving, the practice ultimately steered Christmas closer to the secularized holiday it is today, and that is the kind way of putting it. 'Tis the season and suspension of disbelief is required.

Most retailers rely on the holidays to make up for the summer doldrums and prepare for the slow sales of the New Year. This dependence has made Christmas, a single day in late December, swell into a three month holiday season. "The holidays" -- with their sales, decorations and mall Santas -- now reign through nearly a quarter of the year for a day of utmost fun and frolic, strengthening the bond with loved ones, who exchange gifts and decorate the house with the varied Christmas décor items. Think red and green and parties for hosting and marshmallows for toasting. Sound the trumpets, it is Santa's big day with all the bustle. Hustle to what you require and get on your way to circle dances with singing but you ken call them carols. The earliest chants were all litanies and hymns from Latin works intended for use during the church liturgy, rather than popular songs. The 13th century saw the rise of the carol written in the vernacular under the influence of Assisi (Frances).

The best way to spread Christmas cheer still remains singing loud for all to hear & I just like smiling...smiling's my favorite! Later, the word carol came to mean a song in which a religious topic is treated in a style that is familiar or festive. It fills the winter air. You ken hear it everywhere! Whistle blowing and said people going. Oliver Cromwell went so far as to cancel Christmas when he seized control of England in 1645 and you see what power ken do to a man! It's the most wonderful time of the year but during the British government under Cromwell, the British Parliament prohibited the practice of singing Christmas carols as pagan and sinful. Like other customs associated with popular catholic Christianity, it earned the disapproval of Protestant Puritans. Famously, Cromwell's interregnum prohibited all celebrations of the Christmas holiday. This attempt to ban the public celebration of Christmas can also be seen in the early history of Father Christmas. Remember, faith is believing when common sense tells you not to. The tradition of singing Christmas carols in return for alms or charity began in England in the seventeenth century after the Restoration and donations will gladly be accepted. Tree tops glisten and the children listen to the voices in their heads. There is only one major sin and that is to let the holiday cheer eat us alive while spreading ourselves too thin. Look to the Holly and the Ivy and keep reaching for more.

Wise men seek ‘em! Know Jesus & know peace! It is found within the orphanages and on the streets. Who doesn’t get homesick around the holidays, even if you happen to be home? Chestnuts roasting by an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose; Christmas has and always will be found in the open heart versus lying, ferociously financed, tightly wrapped under a tree. Because, as you see, it comes and it goes. Just ask Mike Tyson...

Christmas, children, is a state of mind, a spirit that is kind and forgiving, giving time for charity and goodwill until levels of exhaustion finally begin to set in. Unfathomable? Just ask Speedy B! This ken affect complete strangers or next family of kin as fellow passengers where time tapping is a wee bit more gentle and surprisingly lovely in it’s procession, dropping as freshly fallen snow and as more than a festival at the culmination of this revolving year; a bright and cheery voice of strong authority looking for those who do right, a vision found in the presence of a happy and tight family unit all wrapped up in the gifts of the season; Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

So, gimme one reason we shouldn’t be content with grand delusions of our former days and pleasures of a racy youth? These seem to transport any sailor from deep overseas and the traveler thousands of miles away back to the glow of their own fire-sides. Keep in mind, you don’t…have…to live like a refugee! When what's left of you gets around to what's left to be gotten, what's left to be gotten won't be worth getting, whatever it is you've got left. The anniversary of such merriments makes our hearts grow tender like succulent meat falling off the bone with sweet memories often touched up like a magazine model shoot; out of focus only to shine that much brighter; a deep resounding love of all kindred spirits without requiring a visitation from any of those creepy ghosts; past, future or present.

May peace be your gift and a blessing all year through, but never exaggerate about the size of your own Christmas tree. Besides making for wretched mojo, this will also make little difference in the amount of festivity that flows out from your burning hearth to society in the long run. Kindle the flaming fire of hospitality in the hall or wherever you may call the den. Start by wiping away any remaining shreds of loneliness amid the pillars of mounting stress. Obey that natural impulse to flood and truly express your sentiments without feeling self-conscious and, perhaps, a wee bit foolish. I believe you ken fly. Being yourself during the holidays may be your only shot to do so with a live audience.

Christmas means fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving, a time of good cheer, and an abundantly warm home. Yuletide excitement ken be like a potent caffeine, no matter your age. This depends solely on the size of your spirit. Has anyone seen 3 wise men and a virgin? Christmas is when children whisper to the necessary adults with dreams of X-box what they want and adults simply pay for it no matter the price or inconvenience(s), making a clear distinction from when adults tell the government what they want and expect them to pay for it. Blessed is the season. Because if you stop opening presents for but a moment and listen on Christmas morning you will know the secret to all things considered holy. Loving, sharing, giving, are not bells, lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf. The good you do for others is the good you do yourself. There's no greater gift than friendship.

In the old days, this time was not called the Holiday Season; the Christians called it 'Christmas' and went to church; the Jews called it 'Hanukkah' and went to synagogue; the atheists went to the baah, cursed the silliness of the world and drank heavily, so please remember, love weighs more than gold!

Oh, the silent majesty of a winter's morn... the clean, cool chill of the holiday air...I sometimes think we expect too much from Christmas Day. This is technically only a 24 hour period to open our hearts before the interest hits. Wreathed in smiles, how touching to have the meaning of Christmas brought to us by Pepsi, Sonic, and Budweiser beer...who’da thunk, product consumption, popular entertainment, and spirituality would mix so harmoniously? I'd never marry just for wealth alone! Give another tradition a try: sit with the significant other in a room lit only by tree lights and remember that your blessings outnumber the lights. Repeat as often as necessary!

Remember just a few days earlier when you would follow that shopper from the mall and get into position for the prime parking. This is akin to the steady guidance provided by the North Star. It's like a gift from Jesus himself. Let's all be jolly! Haul out the holly. There is but few saving graces that finally make up for all the bother and the distress but defrost the chill of hide-bound hearts anyway. Do you take yourself too seriously? Remember during this time, grown men wear neckties made of holly leaves and drink alcoholic beverages with raw egg yolks and cottage cheese. Let's face it, most of us are scoffers. But moments before zero hour, it did not pay to take chances. Can I refill your eggnog for you? You guys give up yet? Or are you thirsty for more? Approach Peace and Goodwill with classic Irving Berlin tunes. Finish with your finest and next year’s money, as a public Santa for the merchants; sentiment without censure. The visible material world is bound to the invisible spiritual world but not to be a child on Christmas morning? Egads...seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see.
And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more? Like a DELICATE fragrance THAT may weave a weary spell of nostalgia on the hardest of hearts. Taking away all narrowness, all thought of formal creeds and judgments. Let it be remembered as a story that has happened again and again, to men of as many different races, that has been expressed through many religions, that has been called by as many different names; as just games to keep us apart. Time and space and language lay no limitations upon the union of human brotherhood and just you remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart. Ho ho ho ho ho.

Ho, Ho, Ho, is right blood! Thanks for the wonderful work, as usual, that you did on this week's edition of Name That Film!

I'm sure that you remember that this week's edition is 10 more Christmas movie quotes. Please read the quotes and name the movies in the comment section. I believe there are some for all skill levels this week. Good luck and thanks for playing Name That Film!!!

1. "I got invited to the Christmas party by mistake.....Who knew?"

2. "All that from water? It got wet?"


4. "Forgot my hat!"

5. "Let me ask you something. Why don't we just pay the fella the two hundred dollars?"

6. "If I could my will Nephew, every idiot who goes about this merry Christmas on his lips, should be boiled in his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart!"

7. "How can you talk about Santa Clause, when there's so much unhappiness in the world?"

8. "Hey, What do you say we both be independent together?"

9. "Happy Birthday!"

10. "You're a bad banana, with a greasy black peel."

Alright! There it is! Let's see some answers people! I know that it is a busy time, but take a moment or two to try your luck.

Thanks to everyone who has been playing and a special thanks to bloodredsox for his extrodinary introducitons and thoughful collaboration over the last year or so. Remember, if you like his intros, you'll love his blog! Check out "The Blood Blog". A link to it is on my sidebar.

Check back next week for a very special editon of Name That Film!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bolt Notes: Week 15 Analysis and NFL Picks!

Week 14 in the NFL is in the books and week 15 is under way. Personally, I had a 10-6 week for my picks which brings me up to 132-76 for the season. So far, there have been two games played for week 15 and I am 1-1. Silly me, not thinking the Dallas Cowboys could go into New Orleans, in December, and walk out with a win. I also never would have guessed that DeMarcus Ware, who got carted off the field last week, would come back and dominate the Saints line and even end the game with a sack of Drew Brees. Once again, that is why I don't bet on the NFL.

As for Bolt Notes, I think I will mix it up this week. If you prefer this method, let me know and I'll stick to it for the rest of the season. Normally, I give a wrap up of the Chargers last game, a preview of the Chargers next game, and then throw in my picks at the end. This week, I'm going to bypass the Chargers victory over Dallas and just focus on my picks and give my reasoning for each pick that I make. I will expand more for the Chargers game. After all, this is Bolt Notes, I owe them that. Here we go!

Week 15 Picks!

COLTS @ jaguars
I have said it before, I will not bet against an undefeated team until they prove they can be beaten. Peyton Manning and the Colts continue to pull rabbits out of their hats each week and this one was no different. Finally, I got a Thursday game right!
cowboys @ SAINTS
Alright, I used the same philosophy for this game as I did with the Colts game. Always back an undefeated team (unless they are playing the Chargers). It didn't work out so well this time. Yes, the December challenged Cowboys but a blemish on the previously perfect New Orleans Saints. Mercury Morris and company are breathing a little easier tonight. At least for his sake, there is sure to not be two undefeated teams in the Super Bowl this year.
PATRIOTS @ bills
Watch Tom Brady and Randy Moss intentionally look to blow this one open this week. The Bills don't cover well and Moss wants to prove that he has not quit on his team. Brady went to the media and supported his receiver after last week's embarrassment. Now that Brady has put his own rep on the line for Moss, he will do whatever he can to help Moss get involved early and often. The other side of the story is that the Bills are not very good. That will help the Pats a lot.
This is the time of year when some teams are playing meaningful games and others are making reservations and planning fishing trips. The Lions are not exactly in the playoff hunt with a 2-11 record. The Cards, on the other hand, are trying to win the NFC West and earn a home game in the playoffs. Emotion, motivation, and way more talent will help the Cards prevail.
dolphins @ TITANS
This could be the shortest game of the week. Both teams will pound the ball on the ground and throw when necessary. With the emergence of Chris Johnson, the Titans will run, run, run. They may not make the playoffs this year, but they want Johnson to break the all time rushing record. A big day against the Fins will help a lot. Johnson currently has over 1600 yards rushing and over 2000 all purpose yards. All that and the Titans are still 6-7.
BROWNS @ chiefs
It's not often I pick the Browns, especially on the road. However, it appears that the Chiefs may be the worse of two evils in this match up. The Browns are playing better football of late, but they are hardly world beaters. The Chiefs........are just bad.
TEXANS @ rams
I just did the Rams the biggest favor I could do for them. I picked the Texans. I have the incredible ability to almost always get the wrong side of Texans games. I just can't figure them out! Just when I think they are playing some solid ball, they get smoked. Then, just when I give up on them, they beat someone decent. Go figure. The Rams are the Rams and should continue to lose, no matter who I pick.
falcons @ JETS
Honestly, I am not very confident in this pick. The Falcons are banged up at running back and quarterback. That tells me that they are in for a long day. The Jets are at home and they are getting their starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, back in the lineup. The only thing that worries me is that I'm not sure that the Jets are better off with Sanchez at this point of the season. The shine has fallen off of this star. Still, they should have enough to beat the Falcons practice squad.
raiders @ BRONCOS
I hate this game. I want so badly, as a Chargers fan, to pick the Broncos to lose. However, the Raiders are starting their third string quarterback and the Broncos are a pretty good team that is most likely headed to the playoffs. If the Broncos lose this game, they should forfeit the rest of the season.
niners @ EAGLES
This is another game that I'm not that confident in. Yes, the Eagles are playing very well on offense. Yes, the Eagles are at home. However, the Niners have shown the ability to come up large and play big in big games. I just don't think they will be able to this time while traveling back East and having to outscore the potent Eagles offense.
PACKERS @ steelers
The world champion Steelers are in the middle of a long losing streak. They are not going to make the playoffs and their best player is out (Troy Polamalu). That being said, I must admit that I worry that the pride of a champion may be enough to lift the Steelers over the visiting Packers. However, Aaron Rodgers is a very good QB and should be able to pick apart the porous Steel Curtain defense.
bears @ RAVENS
The Ravens are not an elite team this year, but they're not a bad team either. The Bears are pretty bad. The leader of the Bears, the "Savior" if you will, is quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler has been horrible this year and has continued to show his inability to play inside the redzone. Cutler turns the ball over more than a breakfast cook turns over pancakes. The Ravens defense should have a great day and force several turnovers on their way to victory at home.
The Seahawks are another team that I usually pick wrong. They will score 40 one week and then get destroyed the next. Word around the league is that they are soft. Even their own coach says they need a few "dirt bags" on their team. That is not a good sign. However, sometimes the schedule makers are kind and let you play teams like the Buccaneers. Look for the Saints defense to tally at least three picks.
VIKINGS @ panthers
Panthers are not the most consistent team in the NFL. They are also not the worst team. However, they aren't very good either and tonight's loss by New Orleans will inspire the very talented Vikings to go into Carolina and bury the Panthers.
GIANTS @ redskins
If you had told me 10 weeks ago that I would hesitate to pick the Giants in this game, I would have told you that you were crazy. But, I actually considered picking the Redskins at home this week. Then I remembered that the Giants are trying to make the playoffs. Then I remembered that the Skins are interviewing head coaches, while they still have Jim Zorn at the helm (classless move). The Skins are a mess. Even though they have shown signs of improvement, the end of the season is near and they should fade back to being the poor team that they started out as.
bengals @ CHARGERS

This could prove to be the game of the week! The Bengals trail the Chargers by one game in the race to be the number two seed in the AFC. That is important because the number two seed gets a bye and a home game in the playoffs. That gives teams a chance to get healthy and plan for extra time and gives them a decided advantage.

One sad note going into this game is the passing of Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry. Such a sad situation can't help but take a toll on the entire Bengals team, as well as those who knew him around the league. That being said, the thing we have not seen yet is how it will effect the Bengals on Sunday. The way I see it, one of two things will happen. One, the Bengals will try to play inspired football, but will be distracted and unable to focus on the game. If that happens, look for the Chargers to win and win big.
Two, the Bengals will use this tragedy to raise their level of play and will play in a way that will be reminiscent of the way the Saints played when they reopened to Super Dome. In that case, the Chargers could get bush whacked! Only time will tell.
One side story that people are watching in this game is Chad Ochocinco. Ochocinco says that he hates Shawne Merriman and wants to "beat his head in." Merriman, who has a four inch and 50 pound size advantage on Ochocinco, had traded Tweets with Chad earlier in the year, but lately has laughed it off and said that if Ochocinco tries to fight him, he would just put his hand on Chad's head and let him swing his arms wildly like a little kid.
The latest move by Ochocinco is that he says that he wants to wear Chris Henry's number 15, is honor of his fallen teammate. The league says that he will be fined if you wears any number other than 85. In my opinion, it is a nice idea, but more than that it is just another way for Chad Ochocinco to try to make the story about him, and not the game. His act is getting old in my opinion. I believe the story should be about the Bengals running backs against the questionable Chargers run defense, and the Chargers offense against the stout Bengals defense. Instead, it's about Chad Ochocinco. That being said, I think his antics are usually harmless and he should not be fined as much as he has been.
My guess is that the superior talent of the Chargers will prevail in this game. Yes, the Bengals have two great defensive backs who may well shut down Chargers wideouts Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd. However, I don't see an answer for Antonio Gates, Legadu Nanee, Darren Sproles, and LaDainian Tomlinson. Antother thing you have to consider is the will to win inside one Philip Rivers. Rivers is quickly getting national attention and is actually in MVP talks these days. That says a lot for a West coast player who isn't often talked about in the East.
Final Score:
bengals 17 CHARGERS 31

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Name That Film: Holiday Madness Edition!

10 day until Christmas. Has everyone been accounted for? Anyone you've forgotten to call? How 'bout presents for the second cousins you see once every 3rd leap year? You don't plan to utilize a parking space at the local mall you? Keep clear! Be jolly by golly. May your stockings be classy and your turkey...plump. May your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump. May your plans be meticulous and your pies take the prize. May your Christmas dinner stay off your thighs. Queens on my-tail sing, wearing jeans so tight, what horror it is to ride to bring some safety here tonight. Ho! Whatta maze! It's beginning to look a lot like...madness and the holidays. Keep in mind, lunacy is not necessarily obsolete as a term used for legal insanity this day and age. Seems like we just finished the glazed turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing?

Teens may be struggling to get a hold of a gift for someone special, especially if they're tight on cash. Theft is always frowned upon. It is important to create a plan. Take out a piece of paper, a pen or a pencil and jot, spit-spot! Formulate the budget. Remember to be realistic because if you've waited this long to prepare, expect havoc and tons of traffic! You may have to downgrade, as every plan has it's place. Bob to weave and start the savings...jingle all the way! The scene looked at from afar will be met with credulity. This is supposed to be a conspiracy to love with the resolve of an invincible summer that somehow gets misplaced. Don't get your tinsel in a tangle, Santa Claus is coming to town and I'm dreaming of the right Christmas, from tons we used ta know.

Snow or no snow, buying on impulse will be looked upon frivolously. Compare products...some stores offer similar merchandise for less value. Back to strict abdomen breathing always works too. Online shopping can be a boost to settle the score but may leave one feeling a bit, ahem, unfulfilled...and a bit, unsure. Amid the madness there will be no assembly required, at least yet, which will not deter any whole-hearted enthusiasm as your final earthly deposit; Christmas the whole year through! Happy holidays to you!

Distillation, classed in fables, in the short run always determines the long run. Come forth from the clearing. Rise true. This is paid tribute with laughter and joy as the only plausible cures, accepting affirmations based on a foundation consisting in the strength of the imagination. Heretics needn't subscribe to a petrified opinion of the masses! This is a direct correlation to the origin of belief in it's practice. O tannebaum, all I want for Christmas is a sweet gold leaf, a sweet gold leaf, see my sweet gold leaf! Gee, if I could only have my sweet gold leaf, then I could be with you. It's true!

Have you made the right decisions or do you require a visit from some ghosts? Deficient funds makes for the runs...loose, early and often. It's almost Christmas time in the city. Children laughing. People passing. The stage has been set. Hell hath no fury like a man, woman or child scorned, just you mind your own keep, which is why the Film Edition, jingling a bit off kilter, offer's meager tribute to Madness and the Holidays. Iechyd Da! Take a look at the 5 and 10! Glistening once again. Aisles of unwanted items ill-afforded, most assuredly to go on sale within hours for half the cost and a consumer being viciously consumed. Lost to the maze of Operation Overdrive. What could be this mind of madness and where is the line? Heeeeeeere's Johnny! If be...on the spot. What to give? Haul out the holly! O what fun it is to flail in the open seas!

Totally off the point, "Madness" is also a song by Elton John with lyrics by Gary Osborne found on the album, "A Single Man", if a search indeed proves fruitful. 9th track. "Back at Madness" is also a self-titled compilation album by British ska/pop band, Madness. Behind door number three, what do we see? Hark the herald angels sing, "Here is your heartbreaker, one dream-maker, and a lovetaker, so don't cha mess around with me!" but whose antisocial?

Under the white heat of a bright stream of lights, I'll tell ya the same, 'specially you strays: watch for the mistletoe as you know it to be the oldest trick in the book, least 'round this time! But why would sister Susie sit on a thistle? Have a holly, jolly Christmas, it's the most hectic time of the year. I don't know if there'll be snow, but we’ll take a 40 of beer. Employ a vigilant state of mind to understand the consequences of little action should you find yourself trapped in a bad location over an extended period.

May your days be merry and bright like the holly on your own front door. Because without us consumers they'd have a blue, blue Christmas. They'd be so blue just thinking about us that decorations of red on a green Christmas tree won't mean a thing if you weren't in it with me. Joy to the world. Let earth receive her king! Cold hard cash. According to the National Retail Federation, a majority of Americans (55 percent) are going to spend less money this holiday season because of the floundering economy. This probably has little to do with the fact that most people have less money to work with I'm sure. So say good-bye to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and hello to the fiscal and psychological madness of the holidays. Let it tear us apart. I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.

Where do we start? O, have yourself a merry little Christmas, make the Yule-tide gay, from now on, our troubles, will they be miles away? An ounce of preparation means there are four main causes of holiday stress: gift giving obligations, expenses, a lack of time, and unrealistic expectations about creating a perfect holiday. To reduce holiday stress, arm yourself with knowledge. Christmas does not have to be a date. It ken be a state of mind and it does not have to be madness. It is a mistake to try and have reality measure up to the flawless fantasy dancing like sugar plums.

Research shows that listening to music can crank down stress hormones, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and kick your anxiety to the curb, so get out those withered copies of Winter Wonderland and Silent Night, just not before December. Hear those sleigh bells jingle jangle, what a beautiful tune. Jump in bed, cover up your head, 'cause Santa Claus is coming real soon. This fanfare doesn't show any signs of stopping, and I've bought some pills for popping. The lights are anything but turned way down low. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Going outside to make a snow-person not only gives you an instant creative outlet, it provides enough pulse-quickening activity to make you feel good, even without the pills! Practice conscious breathing exercises ten minutes a day because when you exercise, your body produces endorphins, which are the ‘happy’ chemicals in your brain. Make to do lists that are workable to give you more of a sense of control. Gazing out at the natural world lowers your heart rate unless you happen to be looking for a parking spot at the mall. Remember, it's okay to refuse invitations, particularly from friends and family who create stressful environments for you. This is akin to taking care of the soul. Forcing yourself to spend time with them will only interfere with your serenity and the Film Edition believes firmly in serenity now as a whole! If only in my dreams with God as our Father, brothers all are we. Let me walk on my Mother in perfect harmony; at one with the earth having that unequivocal worth. You can't control everyone and everything in your life. Let go of other people's judgments as to how you spend your holidays. They do not pay your bills, or live in your body...or do they?

Feeling the credit crunch? With the cost of travel who could blame you? Revelers, come sample the wares and fares of new artists, fair merchants and lively restaurants some other time. 'Eat, drink, & be the mind. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Last thing we need is...a little sickness...right this very minute! But now that it's been brought up, take a psychotic cabbie (anywhere you like) who happens to carry a festive tune and be in the mood for the middle of a catharsis. The height of folly could fester into a negligent situation where this cabbie somehow spreads an idea to millions of minds about the mania of merriment on the lost weekend, serious pun intended, though there is never a mention of sociopath or any antisocial personality. It is strictly during this 48 hour period when all information is said to be accrued. Was it a change in climate? A woman under the influence? The mask of sanity? You decide if word games are for you. Poetry is divine madness...but this whole ballyhoo does not seem to be in the state of being rash. It's not even Christmas, but 10 days prior! Ken I get a witness that there's so much more to know? Bells on bobtails ring. Having alotta fun. Sing away the stress. When you get to see the brightest star, will you be overjoyed? Up for sleighing a sing-song tonight?

Freud would have a field day with left-over paranoia helpings for the whole family but there's no need to be crude or walk that line. No longer will the kid's table suffice. We want justice and shall call the guard...(ah, but what?). It's certainly clever to step outside of time and the lights sure are bright...blinking...and the boughs strung tight! There's still time, you may be right, but X-mas music since Halloween? Surely you think it obscene? Foolish like traveling in a blizzard?

“Whenever loyalty to the enterprise becomes more important than simple
morality, you will find evil functioning smoothly.”

This is not the psychology of obsessive-compulsive neurosis bordering on personality disorder or flashy adjustments to some insane society...that much, though this may be unrestrained excitement or what may be seen as unbridled enthusiasm for the strength of the spirit. O come all ye faithful, let's hear it! Deck the halls and haul out the holly indeed, similar to a little angel on your shoulder, or at least one of similar breed. These are a few of me favorite things. Preparation being the best medicine for a cure. On that I am sure.

The transition from the old to the new significance of Yule-tide was brought about so quietly and naturally that it made no great impression on the mind of the masses, which is no small feat in and of itself. In other words, nothing authentic can be learned from the early observances of a fruitcake. The holly, laurel, mistletoe, and other greens still serve as decorations of the season, as emblems of resurrection and immortal hope regardless of affiliation or practice. Who’ll be home for Christmas? Count on anything you see. Please have ample dough and no yellow snow and "Rockband" for you and me. Madness, you see, me vaudevillians, is all in the mind! Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Better late than never, I always say! Sorry for the delay of this week's edition. Seems like I have to sign up to use my own computer these days...geesh! Oh well, here we are with this week's edition and once again Blood has knocked another intro right out of the park!

Now to the game! This week's, and next week's movie quotes will all come from Christmas movies. I looked up and list of the top 50 Christmas movies of all time. I picked 10 movies that were not rated in the top 10 and used them for this week. Next week we will go with the higher rated Christmas movies. So, see if you can figure out what movies the following quotes came from and let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for playing Name That Film!!!

1. "Around here, I'm the Christmas guy."

2. "Now Calvin is to be apprehended unharmed. And remember, he'll probably be dressed like Santa Claus

3. "Stay in here much longer and I'll really make a splash in the world."

4. "It's turbo time!"

5. "This experience will make us wiser. We do not do business with a miser."

6. "Just remember. The true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart."

7. "Sweet Jews for Jesus."

8. "Deb, you have such a pretty face, you should be on a Christmas card."

9. "Funnily enough...we never lose our luggage."

10. "The shitter was full!"

Alright everyone! Lets see those answers and see if we can knock out the entire list this week!

Good luck and once again, thanks from Blood-N-Bolts Productions!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nave That Film: Delay of Game

Sorry for the delay, but I have not had enough time to put this week's edition together. I will do my best to have it up Wednesday evening. I hope to see you there! Thanks for playing!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bolt Notes: Wrap Up; Preview; and Week 14 NFL Picks!

Alright, I had a little slip last week with a 8-8 total for my picks. That brings my overall total to 122-70. I would be more upset about the eight losses, but a few of them were upsets almost nobody picked, even the players on the winning teams! Who would have picked the Raiders over the Steelers? Most would not have picked the Dolphins to beat the Patriots, or the Cardinals to destroy the Vikings! Oh well, that was last week....time to move on to week 14!

Wrap Up: Chargers 30 @ Browns 23

The Chargers went into Cleveland as heavy favorites in week 13. They were so confident that they could walk all over the Browns that they sat some of their defensive stars (Merriman & Castillo) so they could heal up for the game against the Cowboys this week. In the long run, everything worked out just fine, but there were some tense moments that leave Chargers fans wondering if they have what it takes to beat a top notch team like the Cowboys.

The first drive of the game you could see that the Chargers were not mentally in the game. Brady Quinn marched his offense down the field and quickly put seven points on the board. Fortunately for the Chargers, Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates did take the plane ride to Cleveland. The two teamed up for several big plays and a total of 167 yards through the air. Cleveland had no match for Gates down field.

The Chargers running game was nothing to be excited about, although, future Hall of Famer, LaDainian Tomlinson did move up the ladder of all time leading rushers by passing the legendary Jim Brown. This moment was extra special being that it took place against Browns old team with him present in the stadium. Tomlinson pointed and saluted to Brown after the run that put him into 8th place all time.

In the long run, I can sum the game up fairly easily. The Chargers offense seemed to cruise all day and racked up 30 points as they usually do. The Chargers defense was caught by surprise by an improving Brady Quinn and gave up a large number to the Browns offense, 23. The Bolts leave with the win and fairly healthy for their next game against the Cowboys. However, they did learn that some of their second string guys may not be enough to beat a better team.

Preview: Chargers @ Cowboys

Now we're talking! The San Diego Chargers have been criticized all year for playing in a week division. Now, we could go into the fact that the Broncos, Chiefs, and Raiders have all beaten "great" teams this year, but that is another story. Most experts are looking to the next three games to decide if the Chargers are for real, or just talented bottom feeders.

This week, they fly into Dallas for a shootout with the Cowboys. Tony Romo and company ran up quite a number of yards last week against the reeling Giants, but still managed to lose the game. This has been quite concerning for the Cowboy faithful who know that the Cowboys have a terrible record in December and fear that this year's team has started it's annual fall from grace.

The Chargers, on the other hand, love December. Since Philip Rivers became the starting quarterback, the B0lts have never lost in December. That is a perfect 15-0! This year, that perfect record will be tested. The Bolts play the Cowboys in Dallas, the Bengals at home, and they end up on Christmas night against the Titans in Tennessee! All of this with a slim, one game lead on division rival Denver.

This game has some great story lines:

  • Dallas Head Coach, Wade Phillips was formerly the defensive coordinator in San Diego

  • Current Chargers Head Coach, Norv Turner was formerly the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys and is credited for a huge part of why they won three Super Bowls during his tenure.

  • Philip Rivers has been perfect in December as a starter 15-0

  • Tony Romo has built a reputation of being a December choker

  • Igor Olshansky, defensive lineman for the Cowboys was drafted by the Chargers and played with the Bolts up until this year.

  • The Chargers are hanging on to a slim lead in the AFC West

  • The Cowboys are currently tied with Philadelphia and have a one game lead over the Giants

  • Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been complaining about how Phillips has been using Marion Barber

  • Wade Phillips has been complaining that he has not been offered a contract extension

  • LaDainian Tomlinson is playing a personal home game. He grew up in Waco and played at TCU
It all that doesn't inspire you to watch this game, just go back to sleep until February and wake up in time to watch the Super Bowl commercials.

Week 14 NFL Picks! Winners in bold caps

STEELERS @ browns (I really hate Thursdays)

SAINTS @ falcons (Atlanta has too many injuries to compete)

PACKERS @ bears (I just don't trust Cutler)

broncos @ COLTS (We'll see which Broncos team shows up)

BILLS @ chiefs (I hate this game. Should end in a tie)

bengals @ VIKINGS (Could be an upset in the making)
PANTHERS @ patriots (Pats should win at home, but they are realing and Brady is banged up)
JETS @ bucs (Jets second string QB could be improvement.)

dolphins @ JAGUARS (Could go either way)

lions @ RAVENS (Ravens too tough for Lions)

SEAHAWKS @ texans (I can't figure either of these teams out)

rams @ TITANS (Could be Rams game if Young is out, or limited)

redskins @ RAIDERS (Tough call, both teams inconsistent)
EAGLES @ giants (Eagles too good for Giants)

CARDINALS @ niners (Cards starting to click on offense)

CHARGERS 38 @ cowboys 24

Enjoy the games!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Name That Film: Pet Peeves Edition!

“A day! Help. Help! Another day! Your prayers, oh passer by!”
-Emily Dickinson

Press one for English and please remain on the line.

A pet peeve is a minor annoyance but is not to be considered part and parcel of the family, nor ken it be claimed as a write-off on the taxes. Let’s not reinvent the wheel here people, but may we get down to brass tact’s?

Have you ever been in a confined arena with the constant reverberations of loud gum snapping? Know what I'm saying? Chew wanna permit for that?

There's no need to go Brooklyn, let’s just stick to the facts sir...

Ever been privy to an intimate cell phone conversation during the latest 10 dollar matinee? Perhaps it was during Saw 317? Do you know without a chance or an individual's choice, there’s no “I” in team?

Just make sure you know where and when you are before settling about to kneel down and pray or things could get a little hectic's's's getting kinda hectic in this day and age! The stage has been set...know what I'm saying? Get the book out, ingest all the information and take time to digest, just don't throw it at me!

Ever had a disturbing dream about an invasion of the lane snatchers where the annoying cherry red sports car, weaving in and out of traffic, always speeds up, so as not to allow you to change lanes directly at your exit and strictly on purpose?

The term, “pet peeve”, first used in 1919, originated from the word ‘peeve’ because who doesn't hate being interrupted!

Do you believe…in telemarketers? Unsolicited advice? Using that pointer finger as a gun? Obnoxious doorbell ringers who bring a bad Beethoven? Double dippers while out on the neon town of light on a...egads...first date? Just imagine your best behavior with it's hands tied. Nowadays it's almost impossible to open a new compact disc without the hope of not splicing a digit, so you'd better think again. Could this material be thought of as suggestive? Double negatives might be seen as confusing which is why I almost always never use them.

Your call is very important to us. Please remain on the line for the next available representative.
A reckless farmer may be one who, amid the seasonal harvest, spreads a seed that ken be construed as ill-tempered or ornery. Maybe he is one who sits high atop his tractor in judgment, overlooking the estate's vast property stretching for miles, jabbering on the cell phone not paying attention all the while, thus recreating the national phenomenon known currently as road rage for the angry mob collecting and spilling onto both sides of the fence.

Outside the mind of the afflicted a pet peeve will often seem illogical but as a rule you may rest assured, we aren't going anywhere and your call will be answered in the order it was received.

How ‘bout if you’re going to put me on a speaker phone, inquire first politely? This rule may in fact be considered golden. If you have purchased a 2nd hand book void of a cover, keep in mind, it may be considered stolen.

Who is this almighty form anyway without a face or a name currently ruling all the tiny creatures within the Cosmos? Has IT ever lumbered past a moving vehicle only to read in the window,” please remove before driving”? Were there reported casualties? all about it, "Human thought once again falsified by tradition and custom amid an indescribable breed of rarities."

How ‘bout distracting drowning-the-very-essence-hold-music or the obligatory tip jar placed just so? For a medium coffee and a buttered bagel? Does this come with something in the backroom?

Please continue to hold.

I’m sorry, I may have been practicing active listening during a conversation we had many years ago and was temporarily distracted, did you just say something?

Your call is very important to us. Please remain on the line for the next available representative.
What about machismos who leave the seat up in their best John Wayne hombre impersonation or prim and proper southern belles who commit the same in reverse? Just where is ground zero in this ongoing debate more ancient than anyone else reading today and could this be considered a curse? Let's get this straight....anyone riding the almighty rails of a train who sits with their legs spread wide only increases the hate as do people strapped with a shiny salamander's skin who ride their bikes in brightly colored outfits weaving in and out of the cluttered streets of traffic when the sidewalk is freely available.

If something is truly evil, ken it be necessary?

You were saying something? I'm stuck on hold. Could it have been the true script behind SOS: dash-dash-dash-dot-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash or is it in the complete reverse? Should this be filed under the logic of Murphy's Law or will it just continue to come back to bite us in the end? What about when the phone cord viciously tangles beyond all repair or if they all happen to be wire hangers, conglomeretly cluttered together like a small colony of fish trapped in a weather-proof net, or when cold callers will only speak to the man of the house, as if he makes any of the important decisions!

These are the visions that somehow come to be and may be considered real as rain.

Maybe you’ve come to witness a retail clerk who ignores the live customer standing right in front of them, only to assist another customer on an incoming call and are still unable to explain? How about when anyone stands in the line of sight for the t.v. if the ball isn’t going through Buckner’s legs, or when the moo-cows are in a deep conversation huddled in the way of a band of gypsys patiently wishing to use the escalator, just not like Will Ferrel in Elf?

Excuse me...I'd like ta get by now! Do I do...what chew do?

According to Webster, grocery carts with one bad wheel are highly distressing to certain tortured souls, so ask a doctor today if drug X is right for you! People, who take 20 napkins, use only one and throw the rest away are spies...spies, I tell you! Have you ever gone into the drive-thru to save precious time only to go all the way back when they forget the drinks or the apple pies? What about people who carry on a one-sided conversation, which is akin to a monologue with an underperforming audience & not worthy of the production costs on a daily basis. This logic is akin to when one fails to take a burly backpack into account when turning or backing, thus knocking the helpless, afflicted or unawares, immediately to the ground where the victim's only natural response is to cry out in their best Nancy Kerrigan,


Cultivating a small country of remote controls to work the cable, Tivo, T.V. and any other audio visual ground control station, ken be viewed as a minor annoyance, strictly following the more is less theory much like jerks who take up two parking spots, because they somehow believe their automobile is worth more to you and them than yours. Then there’s the drivers who won’t use a turn signal or kids who tease a helpless dog through a fence.

Prepare the defense, we'll soon see you in joovie, Son!

Take a look. It doesn't happen that often but what about when the movie is actually better than the book...would that be a Catch22 or to kill a mockingbird? Suburban kids who dress like their straight out of Compton with their pants sagging when they are as white and enriched as a full
bellied moon...Or athletes who point to the sky after scoring, a la Papi, which may be viewed as annoying because it's been soooooo long and the Empire, right now, is more than strong. "Sweetness", the great RB, #34 from Da Bears of Chicago, was always graciously quoted as saying, "act like you've been there before..."

Isn't it always in the last place you look? Like the day the old man yelled and screamed at all the bewildered children lying sprawled at his feet, only to find his glasses firmly rooted upon his fuzzy head, right where he had left them.

Maybe you're taking a class for future advancement up the celestial corporate ladder and there's that one special student who likes to prolong the inevitable by asking the most inane ofquestions.
"So, to recap, the assignment just given is due...when?"

Conspiracy theories are paranoia personified and people who won’t turn right on red make some of the general population see more of the same and feel like spouting, "redrum" because YOU are to blame! The game of pointless babble is insufferable as are stupid human tricks that ken make an otherwise healthy person sick on the best of days. There are those insufferables with perfect hair and makeup that roll straight out of bed bright and chipper ready for another blissful day of contentment. No worries Will...I'll alert the media! Too much perfume/cologne reeks as does going to UPS to pick up a package...but to give information on a phone call to be better assisted only to repeat everything once a live person finally becomes available may be construed as excess mental baggage not worthy of a baggage claim.

There's always the service reps that don’t show up on the day appointed, even with an 8 hour window, which makes perfect sense...if you're a confused bear roaming in the woods during the season of hibernation!

If I could just sing a simple song...and teach the world to sing....know what I'm saying?

Please be courteous and turn off your cell phones and remember, you’ve no need to worry, if you’ve done nothing wrong.

I'm sorry, all our lines are currently busy, please hold for the next available agent. Incidentally, your call is very important to us.

Let's hear it for another fine introduction by our own bloodredsox! Blood graces this game each week with his unique style and flare. You can read more of the same on "The Blood Blog", here on Blogger! Before you run off to his page though, please take your shot at our little game first!

Directions: Read the movie quotes below and try to figure out what movie they came from. When you have an answer, or at least a guess, leave it in the comments section and I will get back to you and let you know how you did! That's it!!! Piece of cake!!! Good luck!

Before you begin, let me tell you that I had some trouble finding movies to fit this week's theme of "pet peeves". However, I did finally come up with 10 films that had actors in them who had strange quirks, or personality traits that drive others crazy. I hope that is enough of a lead for you.

1. "I'm sailing! I'm sailing! I'm sailing!!!...."

2. "How many toothpicks came out of that box, Raymond?"

3. "I used to drive Francis crazy. For a while she couldn't wear anything but my aftershave. I was impossible."

4. "What's you record for consecutive questions asked?"

5. "You can milk anything with nipples."

6. "When you say, "people", you mean "living people"?"

7. "I'm gonna make it do what it do, baby!"

8. "He's flying! He's flying!"

9. "What can I do for the Department of Defense?"

10. "Mr. Grady, you were the caretaker here."

Alright friends, let's see those answers! I think some are easy and some are more challenging. You can decide which ones.

Thanks for playing and see you next week for our next edition of Name That Film!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bolt Notes: Wrap Up; Preview, and Week 13 NFL Picks!

Welcome back to another edition of Bolt Notes. As always, I greatly appreciate that you take a few minutes out of your day to read what I have to share and I would greatly appreciate any and all comments that you leave. I will respond to all comments left, even if you disagree.

Week 12 was another great week for my Bolts and another solid week for my picks as well. With a 12-4 record in week 12, my overall record moved up to 114-62. Definitely getting back to a respectable level, but still not blowing away the "experts" by any means. That's okay, no money is being lost, or made on my picks, just a lot of fun is being had making them.

Wrap Up: Chiefs @ Chargers

As I said, week 12 was a great week for the San Diego Chargers. The Chiefs flew into San Diego feeling really good about themselves after taking down last year's Super Bowl champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Most people still believed that the Chargers would win this game, but many worried that it would be a trap game and the Chargers would look past the Chiefs and get beat.

I didn't see it that way. I saw that the Broncos had already won on Thursday and that the Chiefs win over Pittsburgh would be enough to remind the Chargers that they had to show up for this one. Show up they did!

Throughout the game, the Chargers had their way with K.C.. Although they didn't rush for a bunch of yards, they did run effectively when they tried. Rivers controlled the game with his arm, moving the offense up and down the field. Both Antonio Gates and LaDainian Tomlinson had two touchdowns a piece as the Chargers offense racked up 34 points, with the defense adding 9 points of their own!

Yes, the Chargers defense showed up as well. They did have some typical problems stopping the run, but not so much that the Chiefs could strictly rely on it. The Chiefs did have to throw the ball and when they did, quarterback Matt Cassell was running for his life most of the game. Cassell was only sacked once, but he was hit and forced to scramble consistently throughout the game forcing a Cassell fumble (returned for a TD) and throw a pick to Quinten Jammer. The Chiefs threw in a couple more fumbles as well to help the Bolts cause. Final score: Chiefs 14 - Chargers 43

Preview: Chargers @ Browns

This is one of those games where I wish I had some money to bet. Although the Chargers go into it with three defensive starters sitting out due to injury (Merriman, Weddle, and Castillo), I still can't think of a way that the Browns win this game. Even in Cleveland the Browns simply do not match up with the Bolts. Some Browns fans on Internet chat boards have admitted that the Chargers will win, but that San Diego will be held down my the Browns defense. Sorry, I don't see that either. Right now, the Chargers are 13.5 point favorites with the over/under at 42..5. Do yourself a favor, if you have some discretionary funds, and throw down some cash on the Chargers and the over. The Chargers alone have a decent chance of getting 43 points, much less the two teams combined.

Here are some of the stats that bring me to believe this will be a complete blow out:
  • The Browns have only 10 offensive touchdowns this entire season.
  • LaDainian Tomlinson alone has 8 touchdowns and he has been considered washed up by many.
  • The Browns have only scored 20 or more points twice this season and they lost both games.

  • The Chargers have not scored less than 21 points in any game this season. They are also averaging 31 points per game during their six game winning streak.

  • Brady Quinn
  • Philip Rivers

  • Philip Rivers 14-0 in December for his career as a starter

Now, what will the score of this fiasco be? That is a tough question. I want so badly to predict my first 50 point game of the year. I just can't do it. You see, the problem is that the Browns give up almost 160 yards per game rushing. That tells me that the Chargers will use Tomlinson, Sproles, Tolbert and Hester all day and chew up the yardage, and the clock. With all that running, the game will be very fast since the clock will not stop often when the Chargers are on offense. With that in mind, I have two scores to use this week for my prediction. 1. Chargers 38 - Browns 6 and 2. Chargers 45 - Browns 6. The difference being if the defense scores a touchdown or not. It the defense (or special teams) scored a touchdown, the Chargers will go over the 40 mark. If not, they should end up in the 30's like they usually do. Enjoy the game!

Week 13 NFL Picks: Winners in all caps

jets @ BILLS (I hate Thursday night games)

EAGLES @ falcons (Many injured players on both sides...flip a coin)

rams @ BEARS (Bears win despite Chokeler)

lions @ BENGALS (Cincy too much for Detroit but could be close)

titans @ COLTS (Ride the Colts until they lose or play San Diego in the playoffs)

BRONCOS @ chiefs (I sure hope I'm wrong)

PATRIOTS @ dolphins (Pats have to take out frustration of someone)

raiders @ STEELERS (Big Ben back and has something to prove)

SAINTS @ redskins (SAINTS COULD GO 16-0)

bucs @ PANTHERS (Don't like either team, but Bucs are worse)

TEXANS @ jaguars (Another coin flip)

COWBOYS @ giants (Giants look bad and Sheli is hurt)

NINERS @ seahawks (Could be a good game but who knows about Seattle?)

VIKINGS @ cards (Vikings seem to be in a hurry to get to Arizona)

RAVENS @ packers (Low scoring, close game)

CHARGERS 38 @ browns 6

Enjoy the games!!!