Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Name That Film: Delay of Game

Sorry for the delay, but once again, life gets in the way. Super busy week means that I will have to postpone this week's edition to Friday. There is a chance I can squeeze it in before hand, but right now Friday is the best bet.

Thanks for checking in and a special thanks to blood for having his intro in on time and doing such a fine job on it.

See you soon!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Bolt Notes: Wrap Up and Preview Plus Week 3 Picks!

Well, after week 1 I felt pretty good about myself and my ability to predict NFL games (without the spread). Now, I've gone from a strong 13-3 to a meager 20-12. Ouch! Oh well, that is what I get for picking some long shots and picking with my heart instead of my brain. That being said, I will continue to pick my Bolts no matter how many guys get put on IR and I will most likely always pick against the Broncos just because I really want them to lose every week of the year. Enough of that, now let's recap the Chargers game against the Ravens, preview the Bolts/Fins game and take another shot at making picks for all the games this week.

WEEK 2 - Ravens @ Chargers

I went into this game expecting the Chargers to lose. No Hardwick. No Williams. No Tomlinson. Injured guys all over the place! That did not give me much confidence going up against a very tough Ravens team. You would think that expecting to lose (yet picking the Bolts to win), would make losing this game easier to handle. Ah......no. It didn't help at all. If the Chargers had gotten blown out then I could have walked away saying, "it's the injuries." Unfortunately, the Chargers not only didn't get blown out, they had a real chance to win that game, late in the fourth quarter! Now that makes it hard to swallow.

The only thing keeping the Chargers in the game at all was the near heroic effort of quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers threw for over 400 yards against the Ravens very respected defense, while having the likes Linebacker Ray Lewis frequently knocking him to the ground after, and occasionally before, his release.

Another highlight for the Chargers was the outstanding play of 5' 6" Darren Sproles. Sproles with over 100 yards receiving as well as more than 100 yards in kick off returns. The only aspect of the game that didn't work well for the Chargers was the run game. At least, from what the stats say it didn't work. At one time in the first half, the Chargers were averaging over 5 yards per carry! So, in his infinite wisdom, Head Coach Norv Turner decided to abandon the run and let it fly. This play worked quite well until the last offensive play of the game for the Bolts when on a fourth and two call, Turner decided that he would fool the Ravens and run the ball with Sproles. If you didn't see the play, let's just say that the Ravens have Ray Lewis on their defense and he is very difficult to fool. Game over.
The most frustrating part of the Chargers effort may have been from the red zone. Five times the Chargers marched down the field and got very deep into Ravens territory. With these five trips, the Bolts managed to kick four field goals and had a turnover on downs. One of these drives, Rivers connected with Vincent Jackson at the one foot line for a first down. After a review of the catch, there was confusion about he clock which lead to a five yard delay of game penalty. That was one of three delay calls on the day for San Diego. Such is the price you pay with young inexperienced players being thrust into the action due to injury.

Speaking of injuries...nine Chargers have missed practice this week. Names like Merriman, Cooper, Phillips, Siler, Tomlinson, Hardwick, Dielman, Vasquez and others have been dealing with injuries and now the flu! Not the way to get ready to play a team that has beaten you the last seven meetings.

Yes, the Miami Dolphins have had the Chargers numbers over the years. Seven straight victories over the Bolts, as well as Joey Porter trying to take advantage of a backup center, make it difficult for even the most biased Chargers homer to feel too confident about this Sunday's match-up.

That being said, I still feel the Chargers will be able to take care of business. The way I see it, the schedule is greatly in favor of the Chargers this week. The Dolphins are coming off of a brutal loss on Monday night to the Colts. Along with the short week, they have to fly across country to play in San Diego. Personally, I don't think the NFL should force teams to travel 3000 miles on a short week, but since the Dolphins have to do it, I'm glad that they face my favorite team.

The main concern I have from the Dolphins is that they are very capable of running the football and they have several gadget plays. The Chargers defense is 30th against the run and has been totally fooled on play far less confusing than some of the Dolphins plays. This ground attack of the Dolphins dominated the play clock against the Colts on Monday. The Fins held the ball on offense for more than 45 minutes! That is an incredible amount of time with the ball. However, that stat aside, the Dolphins strength also illuminated their weakness as well.

Think about it. The Colts had the ball for just over 14 minutes in the entire game and Peyton Manning still threw for over 300 yards and won the game. Now whether you think Rivers compares favorably with Manning or not. The fact is that the Chargers should be able to continue their big play offense and score very quickly.

Side note: Good job Chargers fans for selling out the game on Sunday in time to have it air on television. I feared that the game would not sell out after last week's loss. Whether it was Chargers fans, or Dolphins fans bought the tickets will be discovered on Sunday, but in the long run, it just doesn't matter.

Enjoy the game!

NFL Picks For Week 3

redskins @ LIONS (Just a funny feeling)
PACKERS @ rams (Rams are bad)
niners @ VIKINGS (Niners playing well, but too much A.D.)
FALCONS @ patriots (Pats have not impressed. They'll probably bounce back and make me look stupid)
TITANS @ jets (Hey Mark!!! DUCK!!! Titans are due)
chiefs @ EAGLES (Chiefs are bad)
GIANTS @ bucs (Bucs are bad)
RAVENS @ browns (Browns are bad)
jaguars @ TEXANS (Jags are bad)
BEARS @ seahawks (Injury to Hasselback)
SAINTS @ bills (Too much offense)
STEELERS @ bengals (Could be close without
broncos @ RAIDERS (Close game. Broncos on the road and not as good as their record. Russell stinks though.)
colts @ CARDINALS (Bob Sanders out and Cards receivers getting healthy)
panthers @ COWBOYS (Panthers are bad)
dolphins @ CHARGERS (Because I don't want the Charges to start 1-2)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Name That Film: Patrick Swayze R.I.P. Edition

With the power of positive thinking and a passion to perform, the Film
Edition would like to salute and more than just mention a man in his passing. Patrick Wayne Swayze, just 27 months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, died last week (August 18, 1952-September 14, 2009) at the age of 57 in a public ordeal that demonstrated for all those willing to observe...in all situations, one is free to choose their attitude in a meaning-centered approach to healing and health. There is wealth in faith
high on up above and in the heart all you need is love.

“Whom the Gods love, dies young”, or so it seems…according to playwright,
Menander. This does not, however, begin to describe the wholesome legend
left behind in this man's search for meaning. Swayze, from all accounts, appeared to believe wholeheartedly in life, legacy and the spiritual
checks and balances of both.

"I fell in love with New Mexico when I was shooting Red Dawn," he told one tabloid to our chagrin.

"It's my healing place."

Needless to say his wife of 34 years, Lisa Niemi, inconsolable since the actor passed away, has since followed through with Mr. Swayze's last wishes to scatter his ashes around their New Mexico ranch. They first met in 1970 when Swayze was 18 years old and Lisa Niemi, was 14.

How do you nurture a positive attitude when all the statistics say you’re a
dead man? You go to work. When you dance, things just go away, things
don’t seem so bad. There’s no better way to take care of health than
through something as joyous and beautiful as dance. And in the end...the
love you take is equal to the love you make. The way to screw up somebody's
life is to give them exactly what they want. If you live through the
initial stage of fame and get past it, and remember that's not who you are.
If you live past that, then you have a hope of maybe learning how to spell
the word artist. There's just something about dance. It's like a primal
thing in all of us.

Only one of the above isn't a Patrick Swayze quote....and we've just been to see a Beatle.

In spite of various personal hardships (as a reaction to his Father’s death, also @ age 57, Swayze began to drink heavily and his sister Vicki committed suicide by overdose!) amid the challenges of dealing with a fatal disease, the deadly disease continuing to
ravage Patrick's body, he continued to be a model of positivity.

When I dance I dance. Some of the most precious things we know we've never been taught. Without beginning or end. Tell a friend about inspiration and the power of positive thinking or better yet...illustrate the concepts out in the open. Swayze continued acting until 2009 when he fell too ill to continue. Swayze does it! Now you know. It’s amazing Molly, the love inside, you take it with you. We breathe and become spiritual and therefore life attains a new meaning for the individual. Swayze, schooled in the martial arts as well as formal dance training, left the lives, of the gushing audience, a bit more enriched with his passionate performances. Who ken forget the clay scene or that he was the older brother in The Outsider's, and the dance instructor Johnny Castle in 1987's low budget project only to become a surprise hit, Dirty Dancing. (This film has since earned over $300 million worldwide and spawned many mutations in as many different mediums.).
He was the conveyor, silently holding his dying brother at the end of "Red Dawn" and the one who ferociously uttered, "nobody puts Baby in the corner!" and really meant it!

He even sung a song entitled, "She's Like the Wind" in the movie that Hasselhoff eventually covered out of pure respect. How many people get to say that? Not the guy that used to be Cat Stevens! Yup, the very same Hasselhoff of Sponge Bob fame and beyond! Strike up the band and sing a song! Swayze was even considered an honorary uncle in the brat pack, completing his formal dance training in 1972.

There are wonderful sections of Winnipeg that you could play for New York. I want you to be nice….until it’s time not to be nice. I know it’s hard for you Johnny. I know you want me so bad it’s like ______ in your mouth, but not this time….Adios Amigo! So Virgil, I gather you like hitting ladies? Seems some men need to get hit back! To Wong Foo? Same to you! You know pumkin…sometimes it just takes a fairy.

I'm not crazy. I ken see clearly...glory extends for thousands of miles, the moon, hung vacant, is plain to see. One who trains horses will never be kicked by a donkey...'specially not the Sexiest Man Alive of "91"! Rest easy kid, we bear witness to the spirit of resiliency and power of the mind and we thank you for the time!

p.s. even if you never did profess your love outright to the Film Edition, we love ya and know in our hearts you'd have only 1 true response to this affirmation...


Nicely done Blood! Thanks for another inspiring introduction to start our our game that this week is obviously featuring and honoring the late Patrick Swayze. By now, most of you know what to do, but I'll run it down one more time.

Directions: Read the following quotes from Patrick Swayze movies. In the comment section, name the movie! That's it!

And away we go!

1. "Bad dog! Bad dog!"
2. "Do you have a hamburger? Hamburger? Ham...chopped beef?"
3. "Yo Cuz. What's she doing here?"
4. "You're dead Willy."
5. "I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you and your people."
6. "It's your faith in me that keeps me going."
7. "This is from a lady who stole my heart six years ago."
8. "Adios amigo!"
9. "I want you to remember, it's a job, it's nothing personal."
10. "What matters is that we are on the same team. We have to work together!"
Bonus Quotes:

11. "It's all you want to do when you grow up. Then you realize that it's more than just a game. You have to play it by their rules."
12. "Don't cry. Never cry again as long as you live."

Alright contestants, let's see those answers!

Blood-N-Bolts Productions would like to thank you all so much for continuing to make this a fun venture for us to pursue each week. Look for a contest full of nothing by football movies next week to mark the beginning of the football season (a little late).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bolt Notes: Week 1 Wrap up and Week 2 Preview and Picks

Alright, the first week is in the books and I found out that it is better to be lucky than good. Due to some last minutes heroics by my Bolts and the Patriots, I ended up having a pretty strong week on my picks. I went 13 - 3 picking the games straight up. I'm too big of a wuss to pick against the spread.

As for the Chargers / Raiders game on Monday night, it was very hard to watch, as a Chargers fan. I never really felt like the Chargers would lose, but I certainly had concerns at times and in the long run, the Chargers lost quite a bit.

The game started out with Oakland on fire! They marched the ball up and down the field with a powerful running game and a dominant offensive line. The silver and black defense also dominated the line of scrimmage and kept the high powered Chargers offense off stride and ineffective most of the night.

Fortunately for the Chargers, the Raiders do not have a very consistent quarterback. Throughout out the entire game, Jamarcus Russell had receivers open and could not get them the ball. He looked very poor until the Bolts blew deep coverage on a third and long and the Raiders hooked up for a 56 yard touch down and a very late lead. If Russell had been more accurate, the game would have been a blowout for the Raiders, even though the Chargers figured out at half time how to stop the Raiders running game.

With a little over a minute to go, the 90 million dollar man, Philip Rivers, calmly drove the Chargers 90 yards with the help of Darren Sproles and Legadu Naanee. So, after being tied, or behind most of the night, the Bolts ended up on top and left Oakland thrilled to get out with a win.

On the other hand, the Bolts may have traded the win for the health of their players. Seven chargers, including six starters went down to injury during the game. Pro Bowl center, Nick Hardwick, future Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson, and Pro Bowl Nose Tackle Jamaal Williams will all miss this week's game against the Ravens. Williams was placed on the IR today which will keep him out for the rest of the year.

Well, a win is a win and it's off to week two!!!

I must admit that I am not exactly over confident for the Chargers against the Ravens. The Ravens did struggle with the lowly Chiefs, but not on defense. There were a couple of fluke touch downs by KC that kept the game close. The Ravens offense ran over 90 plays on the day and totally dominated the Chiefs defense.

The Ravens have a very tough defense, lead by Ray Lewis. Say what you want about Lewis and his personal struggles off the field, in the past. The fact is the guy can play football at the highest level and if you give him a chance, he will find a way to beat you.

On the bright side, as poorly as the Chargers played last week, they still piled up 24 points! Rivers is healthy and so are Sproles, Gates, Jackson, and most of the other offensive weapons of the Bolts. Unfortunately, the Chargers offensive line will have at least one second string player, at center, and may need to spell LuisVasquez at right guard if he isn't ready to go. Losing 40% of your line and your starting tailback doesn't help your offense. I'm afraid that unless Sproles and Bennett can move the ball on the ground, the Ravens will be able to pin their ears back and push around the line to pressure Rivers.

All that being said, I am a die-hard Chargers fan and I always pick my team. Therefore, I say that Rivers will pick apart the Ravens defense and Sproles will give the Chargers great field position all day by running back kicks and punts into Ravens territory. A couple of years ago, the Chargers dismantled the Ravens and made it look easy. No reason they can't do it again. (Did I sound confident?)

Here are all of my picks for this week's games. Winning team is in CAPS.

Season Record: 13-3

SAINTS @ eagles
cardinals @ JAGUARS
panthers @ FALCONS
VIKINGS @ lion
bengals @ PACKERS
texans @ TITANS
RAIDERS @ chiefs
bucs @ BILLS
SEAHAWKS @ niners
STEELERS @ bears
BROWNS @ broncos
GIANTS @ cowboys
COLTS @ dolphins

ravens 20 @ CHARGERS 31

Enjoy the games and thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments. I'd love to hear from you

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Name That Film: Anything Goes Edition!

Getting back in the swing of things is not as easy as it sounds. Nothing endures quite like change and yes, strange, there is a certain security in the status quo. How do we claim to know? Call it a guess. Now the Film Edition is no house of sin or place of illicit activity, but beautiful showgirls may pose as an evil robot to seduce at any time given the medium. This doesn't have to be a hangout for the power class to qualify! Anything goes!

Stuck with a flat tire? When in a prolonged rut the individual must step back to attack the forest through the trees and all the disease it represents, affecting new laws of natural discourse.

Putting on the ritz may give ya fits, it's true, but singing in the rain will give you the flu. Of course it could be worse. In fact, this could be a mission if you so choose. Those faint in heart and mind need not apply and don't bother watching the news...talk about singing the blues! Let's...do...the...time warp...again!

Turn around and repeat the steps whenever you’re away from me in a Busby Berkley-style number with glitter and legs. Some days, I feel like a family of muses that could light any city and always tend to order pizzas, hire slave dancers and the Max Rebo Band when the mood hits. Could it be sheer loneliness? Understand, sometimes it seems these leaks spring any day or way they please and whose gut that much gum or money on hand to carry extra nautical insurance? Age is a number and anger without cause does not bury the burden, but instead, necessitates a closer inspection. Now look at the direction this connection has taken!

Taking shape and given life all of it's own. I wanna dance the night away.

Considering the options, what leaves couldn't stand a little pruning or a brand new home? Isn't is strange, if you claim "malcontent", to be set in your ways for beyond days and get the same old results?

Rest assured, a person's character never truly changes from seeds of inception deep into the blind well of old age. So, go with what ya gut, where you happen to be, and trust in faith and that very same gut when it's friction versus momentum. We are often taxed by foolish pride, but don't dump any tea...just yet. Change is only a superficial observer and cares little for any heartfelt petition or reasons to object and the change is a symbolic part of ourselves we leave behind, never to be seen again and so we feel sad.

Aren't you glad luck has found this opportunity? Will we remain in a rote perfectly content just to be? Some say if you don't know your chemistry you may just be doomed to repeat it. Beliefs have the power to create as well as the power to destroy. This gives the individual an awesome ability to define each new experience. Yes, strangers will pass and laugh and point fingers but not the same ones as kids on a bus and whisper to each other about an old dog and new tricks, and this is no advertisement, excess on occasion ken be exhilarating, you should try it!

Speech without profit is maddening no doubt and not quite your circus sideshow but getting real close. Though not a betting man, I'm sure one should never annoy a hungry lion.

Void of routine the exploreer always does relish the role as a novice held under close investigation in the laboratories of the world. Loosening the reigns of routine and habit-hurling way past protocol-because...there are only so many hours in the day!

The suspense kills us all slowly...do you think it will last? Adapt and then adapt again or slowly perish. Start slow. Continue to squeeze that schedule, forget Joy or the notion of Beauty and get right down to the bottom line and thy'll call it a crime. This is no mid-life crisis but merely a tale of mortal men and their vices. Humanity tends to exploit novelty, much like our forefathers before us, placing less emphasis on the meat and potatoes of existence and going with the frilly lace and fancy steeples. On any given day there's no telling where we, as a society, will be swept off to...and yet, 6 feet of earth still make all men equal.

Endure what you must. Trust the notion of wellness in and among the beasts of the wild. Throw caution to the wind with the unpolluted eyes of a child. Take a chance. I hope you dance. Why, you know it to be true! Abstain to sustain sustenance. Gee baby aint I good to you? Imagine folly to stray idle so the old fashioned nut and a time hardened bolt make for the woods.

I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore or less, and 'less you decide to pass, this view never changes. This may bring about a hefty fine because maneuvering around a flashing bus tends to bring more than just new scents of the wind and tons of adolescent kids flipping the bird as you gaze on up mortified with the berry blues. Met with a similar situation, I say, please assume incompetence or ignorance before looking for conspiracy or blaming the Film Edition.

Remember, a fanatic is one who can't change their mind and won't change the subject, much to the audience's dismay.

Well, if anything goes, I don't have much to explain for this week's quotes! As always, thanks to Blood for his ever entertaining introduction. Name that Film would not be the same without it. Remember to check out "The Blood Blog" for more of the same.

By the way. All of the pictures are in honor of the late Patrick Swayze who passed away this week. They do not necessarily represent any movies in our game.

Directions: Read the movie quotes below and try to name the film they came from! That's it! Have at it and good luck to one and all!

1. "I think it's hard winning a war with words General."

2. "I want you to hit me in the face."

3. "I didn't like him anyway. He wasn't right....in the head."

4. "I'm standing here, you make the move. You make the move. It's your move."

5. "1958. It's been traveling 22 years to get here.

6. "You cursed brat! Look what you've done!"

7. "Excuse me, am I being fired?"

8. "KMART sucks."

9. "People will say we're in love."

10. "You're to stupid to have a good time!"

Now, weren't those the easiest quotes you have ever tried to answer? Yes? NO? I guess we'll see soon enough!

Thanks for playing everyone and remember to keep checking in to see the answers that you couldn't get.

See you next time on Name that Film!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Let's Shoot For Wednesday Movie Fans

Sorry for the delay. I got a late jump on the movie game this week. I got stuck watching a sorry effort by my Bolts. There will be more about that as well.

Blood-N-Bolts Productions should be up and running on Wednesday. Hope to see you there.

Thanks for your understanding.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Opening Day and Raider Week?! Are You Kidding Me!!!???

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. In the past, on "the other site", I always predicted the winner of every NFL game and gave the reason I picked a team and my best guess for the final score. That was fun, but very time consuming. This year, I'm going to focus on my favorite team, the San Diego Chargers and break down their game each week. At the end of the post, I will make my picks for the winners of the other games as well, but without analysis. I hope this change is alright with you and please remember that I am a homer and very biased. I will try to be fair in my writing, but it is my blog and I'm a Chargers fan, so don't be surprised if you don't agree with everything I say. Okay? Let's get on with it!


Chargers vs Raiders!!! This is a rivalry that goes back since the beginning of the AFL! They have been playing each other so long that Raider owner Al Davis was actually a Chargers coach before moving on to the Raiders! He had a brilliant football mind and was one of the main reasons that the AFL was such a huge success. He helped the Chargers to their only league championship as well. Thanks Al!

As for the Al Davis back then, and the Al Davis now, there does not seem to be much in common. In the '60's through the 90's, Davis seemed to be on the cutting edge of the NFL. He was a great evaluator of talent and his "just win baby" motto surrounded him with a bunch of low character, high ability players who challenged for the ring every year and actually won three Super Bowls! That is three more than my Chargers have won. Raider fan will remind you everyday that they have won those three Lombardi Trophies as well. That is when I remind Raider fan that the past is the past and the present is all that matters. No one on the Raiders was part of those championships and the culture of winning is long since gone. Only Al was around in those days, and he may not even remember.

Over the course of time, the Raiders do hold the better record against the Bolts. However, since 2003, the Chargers have beaten the Raiders 11 straight times! That is the most dominance any NFL team has had over another ever! For whatever reason, the Chargers have had the Raiders number and it really hasn't even been close. Last year, the Raiders did have the Bolts shut out going into the fourth quarter and looked to be on the verge of an upset. In the fourth quarter, the Chargers unloaded for 25 points and ran away with the victory. Even in the "Black Hole" the cream seems to rise to the top.
In my youth, I guess I went into a rebellious faze. I was actually a Raiders fan! I loved watching Stabler, Branch, Belitnikoff, Matusak, Casper etc... Then it happened. The Holy Roller aka The Immaculate Deception. With the Chargers on the brink of their first post season in years, The Snake, while being sacked, threw the ball forward (incomplete pass). The referees called it a fumble. Van Eegan kicked it around and batted it toward the goal line. Dave Casper then kicked it a while and knocked it into the end zone where he fell on the ball and was awarded the game winning touchdown. Call it cheating. Call it improvising. Call it winning at all cost. Call it whatever you want. It turned me off to Raiders football and I made a switch to the home town team, the San Diego Chargers.

Today, it is no longer Fouts and Coryell trying to out fox Stabler and Madden. We have Rivers and Turner up against Russell and Cable. I don't know if Rivers' numbers will surpass Fouts, but the other three are a real downward slide from their predecessors.

Okay, I'll let the cat out of the bag early. I think the Chargers will win and win easy. The high powered Chargers offense and revamped defense should be much to much for the Raiders who have been dealing with coaches fighting each other and star players not showing up from trades that were made. What a mess it is in Oakland! The Chargers have had a few negative stories during the preseason, but nothing compared to the Raiders. Shawne Merriman and his domestic abuse and false imprisonment case does not even compare to Cable breaking his coaches jaw and Seymore not showing up to camp. Merriman is not 100%, but I think he knew that the charges would go away and on the football field, he is no choker.

Now, let's look at what the Raiders defense will have to stop. To start with, we have quarterback Phillip Rivers. All Rivers did last year was throw for 34 touchdowns, over 4000 yards, and led the entire league in passer rating. Also, he has a new 90 million dollar contract that he is out to prove was not a mistake.

LaDainian Tomlinson is on a mission this year. All off-season, Tomlinson has heard how he is washed up. He is too old and does not have it anymore. Well, the fact is that he is healthy this year and wants to prove that he still has it. Fortunately, for him, he gets to prove it against the team he has ran over since he joined the league. With just over 90 in Monday night's game, Tomlinson will reach the 2000 career yards mark against the Raiders. That is more rushing yards than any rusher has against any other team in the NFL.

Need a first down, look for number 85, Antonio Gates. Gates also had an off year last season. He battled a foot injury that kept him from being able to explode off the line and made it difficult to block. This year, he is healthy and said that he learned a lot about the game of football by being limited last year. He claims that he is a better football player now than before. That is a scary thought for opponents.

Okay, you stopped the run, and you are putting a lot of pressure on Rivers. Congratulations! Now you will get a healthy dose of Darren Sproles and the screen pass. Here is another dangerous weapon who is trying to prove that his franchise tag was no mistake. Ask Indy and Denver about Sproles. They will tell you how hard he is to bring down.

Okay, but do the Chargers have a deep threat? Absolutely! Meet Vincent Jackson. Jackson should become an upper tier receiver this year. His 6' 5", 235 lb frame helps him sky over the smaller defenders and make spectacular catches for big yards. Also, Malcolm Floyd averaged over 20 yards per catch last year. Both of them can get down field. Throw in a possession receiver like veteran receiver Chris Chambers and you have quite a receiving corp.

I'm not even going to get into the Chargers defense today. Jamaal Williams, Shawne Merriman, Antonion Cromartie, Quenten Jammer, Shaun Phillips, Stephen Cooper, and the rest of this talented D will introduce themselves on Monday Night Football!

Final score Chargers 34 Raiders 13

Here are my other picks for the NFL games this week. You'll have to take my word on the first game since it has already been played. The winning team will be in blue.

Titans @ Steelers
Dolphins @ Falcons
Vikings @ Browns
Lions @ Saints
Broncos @ Bengals
Jaguars @ Colts
Cowboys @ Bucs
Eagles @ Panthers
Jets @ Texans
Niners @ Cardinals
Chiefs @ Ravens
Redskins @ Giants
Rams @ Seahawks
Bears @ Packers
Bills @ Patriots

Well, there you have it. Agree or not, I'd love to read your comments and predictions for this week!

Side note: On my site tracker, I see people in countries all around the world have stopped in to read. If you are from outside the US, I'd love to know where you are from and how you found me. Please leave a comment and let me know.
Go Bolts!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Name that Film: Back to School Edition!!!

Can you believe it's that time again? Up in the morning and off to school. Maybe you're a bit melancholic with the morning dew already glistening? The issue on hand was and still is about every teacher teaching the golden rule. Learn. Unlearn. Relearn. This will affect Eternity. One ken never tell where this influence stops upon the delicate threshold of the mind and where it will begin in time. It is a smart balance of fool's gold to pay it forward as every act of conscious learning affects the esteem. This is not a dream. I feel fetid. Not to make it a standard practice, but "Chances Aaaaare" there may be some discrepancies in the air as to the idea(s) of education. Therefore, compare and contrast the price tag in the School Of Hard Knocks; running inside the cracks of any avenue, anywhere across the globe to last year's tuition @ George Washington University with a price tag of $39,240--and that’s before room and board not including books. Without any hard stares or menacing looks...which one truly costs more?

"Fate gave to man the courage of endurance."

The Critic as Artist ken use words that are quite harsh.

If there were no schools to take the children temporarily away, would the asylums begin to overflow? If a tree falls in a conducive environment, idea windows could begin to grow and flow outside their flowerpots, crawling like irrational vines stretching across municipal properties, racing like seeds of dicease to infect and encroach any open minds that happen to be passing.

Any teacher who tells, smells and may require immediate relief. Explain. Demonstrate. Inspire. Evoke immediate emotional response, light a cosmic fire and become too frenetically busy for busywork to bother!

O, where O, where has bountiful youth and vigor gone? ____ on vinegar! Lest we forget the words to our own swan song! Work hard. Live easy and love long! Holidays are enticing in the short run but if I could think you'd be exhausted. Labor Day could have been Independence Day but the name was already taken. Think of the overhead saved on electricity...enough to feed a few faces in the land of the forsaken? You betcha!

All they do is moan with a hand out! Maybe YOU ken help straighten out the Longfellow? It feels like years and so many tears, they leave trails! It is often said...when a student is ready the master appears and yet time is a teacher killing all it's pupils. Go figga! I'm gonna need a tip...is there smoke in these mirrors? See clearer! There are little surprises 'round every corner but fret not...everything is closer than it appears. This being one way to hit the nail on the head and drive 'er home when an individual is silent and all alone. Even so, the state is in a rears and I'm hooked on Blood-Bonics by way of the "K"...think of the fun in the sun and it's penetrating rays: shining on down...like...education...without a sound, care or concern, as we, polite society, in passive aggressive fits of anarchy, deliberate and discern the true notion of education with every plausible impediment.

Words, like ink blotted lifeforms draped over a dynamic laundry line, held taut between opposite ends of the spectrum, continue to stain the annals of Humanity with reason, action, logic and the bittersweet twists of irony. Think anyone that is buying bought? Let's light this candle. Is there really no exit? Show discretion when paying attention because sometimes, depending on the speaker, its just not worth it. Learning is a treasure and all the world a laboratory when held under close investigation. Besides, when you worry it ken affect your body. Having trouble sleeping is also a sign of stress. Call me sometime when you have no class. We offer free play with paints, a chance to dress up and spend some quality time at a sand table and work through the past. Use the toys. Circle time consists of learning activities and a song. Please try and get a long. And about that Longfellow...Henry's wad is worth at least the night, depending on where and when, if, subtle and fair most everywhere, a warm, soft vapor does fill the air, which can't compare, to what he may have been thinking, beating pinions, with sounds I could never really hear, 'zept in the imagination, but talk about meter and rhyme!

School is a fact of life young jedi knight and depending on how you implement the system, it could be an investment? A whole, gather ye rosebuds while ye may, kinda thing, which I've always wanted to repeat if only to say, "imagine the garden growing full of friends!" If you think Safeguard's expensive, try Dove! Never let schooling interfere with a staunch education. This train has not left the station and will aim for nuttin less than the highest plane of edjamakation.

I've just been handed a bulletin..."the simplest schoolboy is now familiar with truths for which Archimedes would have given his life...", which may not amount to much since he is currently dead.

Listen to children and you shall hear, almost anything to stay in the clear, everyday all day without exception...try to survive; is there one now alive who hasn't heard that jive with little expectation? The Film Edition understands education as something to prepare the uninformed to fish in a big pond with all species of marine life that do not play by the Aquarium rules. This message needs to reach each and every one of our schools without exception. Fools! Obsolete and required should never be mended to remain fast friends in any range of the curriculum! Home computers have now turned into a bunch of mangy mutts chewing up eloquently filed reports unto technological defecation. Though, the film Edition does specialize in specializing situations and have tons on hand...least two 3 hundred by me; and, a couple 4 thousand score more, I see, ready for printing and word, but not to do any harm to more than every Middlesex village and farm, but for the world folk to challenge and choke and be held up in arms highly accountable for the ideas of impression and education.

After all, it's all in the presentation.

Thanks to Blood for his wonderful intro this week. Even the President got in on this week's film edition with a live speech for our nations students! We must really be getting popular!
Now, your job, if you choose to accept it, is to read the quotes below and name the movie they came from. Remember, each movie was about school aged kids and their lives.

Good luck and thanks for playing Name that Film!!!

1. "Without the bike, it's Moody's now."
2. "If you don't give your academic subjects equal time.....you're out."

3. "You know Bill? There's one thing I've learned in all my years. Sometimes you got to say, "What the %$#&" and make your move."

4. "This is the wrong bus son. This is for players. You ride back with the cheerleaders."

5. "To me, being perfect is not about that scoreboard out there. It's not about winning. It's about you, and your relationship to yourself and your family and your friends."

6. "I don't care what that scoreboard says at the end of the game. In my book we are going to be winners! Okay?"

7. "This guys been stoned since the third grade."

8. "Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?"

9. "You owe me 100% and I'll see you in The People's Court."

10. "We sink, we swim, we rise, we fall, we meet our fate together!"

Alright, now let's see those answers! Some are easy and some are hard. Don't feel bad if you get shut out, just let us know that you checked in and then try again next Tuesday!

Thanks again to blood and remember to check out the Blood Blog when you get a chance.

Thanks for playing Name that Film!!!