Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bolt Notes: Pro Bowl Edition

Here is my official take on the NFL Pro Bowl.....WHO CARES?

That's about it! Okay, as a Chargers fan, I would like to see the Chargers who made the team do well and have the AFC win the game. That being said, if they don't, I won't lose any sleep at all.

Now, when this game was played in Hawaii and it was after the Super Bowl, I still didnt care that much, but I was far more interested than I am now. This new way of running the Pro Bowl has to be one of the worst ideas in sports history. The NFL changed the location from Hawaii to the Super Bowl site. Result: Many players were not inspired to go (no offence South Florida). Next, the NFL decides that they should play the game before the Super Bowl (am I allowed to write "Super Bowl"?), instead of the week following. Result: None of the Super Bowl participants will be allowed to play. They get to show up to Florida a day before their team and wave at the crowd during pregame festivities. Sounds like fun to me! Further results: So many players have opted out of the Pro Bowl that it isn't even an all start game anymore.

The NFL says that this new Pro Bowl setup is already a success because the media is talking about the game more than ever! The problem is that the media, and Joe Blow on the corner, are only talking about it to say how stupid it is.

Prediction: AFC 38 NFC 31

MVP Chris Johnson (assuming he is going to play)

Enjoy the game.....if you bother watching.

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